Exercise: Starting the Year Off Right With Cute Clothes

Exercise isn’t something that I ever thought I’d enjoy.

And don’t get me wrong, I don’t enjoy it. But, I also don’t hate it. I’ve been working out maybe once, or twice a week lately. Whenever I have the time, you know? And I’ve seen a huge improvement in my flexibility!

I’ve had a few issues with movement these past few years.

I was recently in a car accident and sprained three parts of my spine. It was hard for me to walk for a really long time, and I hated going to physical therapy. For my New Years’ Resolution, I decided I would take control of my body back. I want to be able to run, walk, jump, and basically, anything else you need to function in a high school PE class.

Exercise clothes for the soul.

Listed below will be my favorite clothes to exercise in, my favorite playlists, and my favorite workout apps. Maybe I’ll even include a few more exercise accessories! Hope you enjoy.

Workout Clothes

Free activewear/yoga leggings!
Free leggings!

These leggings from Girlfriend Collective are free right now. They usually sell for $100, and all you have to do is pay for shipping! I bought them, and love to workout in them. They’re the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever worn, and my legs look reaaallllly good in them. You can grab them here.

girlfriend collective exercise leggings


I also really love my Nike Roshe Runs. I bought mine at the outlet in Woodbury Commons, so I don’t think that you can get the same green pattern that mine have. But, I’m linking the really cute all-white pair from Amazon.

Nike White Roshe Runs Exercise Sneakers
Nike White Roshe Runs








Exercise Routine

I’m not a professional. If you were to watch me do an exercise routine, you’d probably think it was supposed to be slapstick comedy. But, something that helps out a lot is the Nike+ Training Club app. It customizes myΒ workout routine to what’s best for my schedule and my body. I love it because it lets me play music and mix and match the workouts that I want to complete for that week. Get this app if you want good workouts for at home and without heavy gym equipment.

Nike+ Training Exercise App
Nike+ Training App
Nike+ Training Exercise Demo App
Nike+ Training App Demo








I also really love Mindfulness. It’s helped me to maintain my stress levels, which have been at an all-time high. Mindfulness is almost a type of brain exercise, it forces me to think only about the present. It eliminates anxiety I have about the future (I have a lot), and it lets me work on my issues at hand. Priorities, am I right?


The app that helps me practice mindfulness is Smiling Mind. It’s mostly free, but you can subscribe to get more videos every week. It’s the first mindful meditation app that I’ve found that isn’t very annoying or out there. The main focus of your time using the app is to ground yourself. Not to imagine crazy scenarios that will probably just make you more anxious. You can also use this website to help get you started.


Smiling Mind Mindfulness App Interface
Smiling Mind App Interface

Along with my exercise routine and mindfulness, I usually like to use a Yoga mat. It prevents me from slipping and sliding all over the place (because I’m a mess) and it makes me feel a little cleaner. I use this one that I bought from Amazon. I really like it because it’s made from a sustainable material, and it doesn’t slide all over the place like the cheap, pink yoga mat that came with the Wii Fit.

Clever Yoga Premium Exercise Mat BetterGrip Eco-Friendly
Clever Yoga Premium Mat BetterGrip Eco-Friendly


I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Comment and subscribe if you’d like more posts about my adventures in exercise! I think I will be putting up a review of the Fitbit Flex soon (once I actually get my hands on it!).




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