How to Make a Professional Looking Blog

I started my first blog in 2011.

Crazy, I know. Of course, my blog was on Tumblr and was a sad collection of “U Mad Bro?” memes until I finally found a niche a few months later: the ICONic Boyz. Yes, my first full-fledged blog was about the dance crew from New Jersey. But they were so cute! 7th grade me thought that was it, romance was over unless I married Mikey Fusco. Obviously, I’ve moved on, but the entire experience taught me an important lesson about choosing a niche. I still haven’t really chosen one for this blog; I’m kind of cheating by choosing a lifestyle blog. But, I have learned a little bit more about coding, and domain hosting.

What do I actually know about having a blog?

Well, I did take a semester-long advanced web design class at Johns Hopkins. But, I don’t think that really counts for anything except high school tech credits. My real experience comes from working with the microblogging platform: Tumblr, which I’ve used for 6 years. It was a really easy and straightforward platform for me to work with; follower interaction was high, and I had a lot of friends. However, it wasn’t great for communicating with businesses or promoting products.

So why don’t you blog on Tumblr anymore?

Well, as I mentioned above, it kind of sucked if I wanted to actually be taken seriously. I couldn’t apply to social media jobs with the URL, rllybitchy, and it was starting to be a hassle to maintain a professional image while also blogging whatever the heck I wanted to. That’s why I’m using WordPress now. Try to tell me WordPress doesn’t sound professional… Try me.


How do I even set up my blog with WordPress? What the heck are all these things?

So you could set your blog up with WordPress, and pay a bazillion dollars a month to mess around and post content on the internet… Or, you could pay 99 cents a month, have a custom domain, free private email, and a huge amount of themes with support if you get 1and1.

1and1 Website Blog Hosting Discount
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1and1 is a very simple domain hosting site that will help you set up your website with a really snazzy custom .com domain name, and a theme. This way, you don’t need to know any coding to make your blog look pretty, and it’s a lot cheaper than paying WordPress to do all that for you.

Choosing your blog’s title and domain name.

Very hard. Super hard. I cannot describe to you how long this took me. Every single domain was taken and my mind froze, so I looked at the first thing I had next to me (the TooFaced Peach Palette, what else), and made a split decision for peachygurl. Thank god it’s not terrible. This part is realllllyyy hard, but it’s probably one of the most important parts of making your blog. It’s your blog’s first impression on people, and if the domain isn’t a common word or idea, many people won’t be able to find your blog. So make sure it’s quirky and unique to you, but also something that people are often searching Google for.


That’s my beginner’s advice for starting a blog. At least that’s how much I’ve already done… Plus my really dope logo, I guess. But, I really would love to help any new bloggers out along the way; we are a big community, you know!


Thanks for reading! If you have any advice or questions, feel free to comment them below 🙂




P.S. This was totally written by request for my friend Christian. He just started a music blog, so check him out @


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